We’re launching a project called Do Be.

Do Be synthesizes the epic dancers of Post:Ballet, “mad genius” choreographer Robert Dekkers, the video projection art of Danish wunderkind Johan Lindegaard, and new music written for us by Chris Cerrone, Jacob Cooper, Anna Meredith, Nicole LizĂ©e, and Jonathan Pfeffer, to make the largest, craziest, and coolest thing we’ve ever done.

We’re having a fundraiser to draise fun for this project.

It’s at the Center for New Music at 55 Taylor Street in SF on Tuesday, Sept 16 at 6:30 PM.

We would love to see your shining faces there.

Tickets available here.

There’s a ton of really cool and diverse projects coming up in this year, and we can’t wait to present ‘em to ya.

Thanks for being here and checkin’ us out.