The Living Earth Show

Tremble Staves at Sutro Baths

Dear all,

Thank you so much for the interest in the performance of Raven Chacon’s Tremble Staves at Sutro Baths with GGNRA. The show is sold out and the waitlist is closed.
However, if you have tickets please dress warm for 14mph winds! We advise you to arrive at Sutro early! We’ll be starting the performance right at 4:30, and the performance area is a short hike down the hill from the parking lot, so we advise you to give yourself time to hike down to the performance area and find a comfortable spot. (As we have a long wait list let us know if you can’t make it and we can pass your ticket on to someone else.) All unclaimed tickets will be passed on at 4.30pm.There are no assigned seats for this performance. In fact, there are no seats at all. The piece is designed to be experienced in different ways from different locations around the Baths, so please feel free to move around as explore in whatever way feels comfortable. You can stand or sit wherever you like along the paths and in the designated areas, and we encourage you to find a variety of different ways to experience the piece throughout the show. The show will be lightly amplified so it’s advisable to find a spot near the speakers to get the best experience. If you would like to bring a cushion to sit on please do!

Thank you so much,