The Living Earth Show


10TH ANNIVERSARY SEASON PERFORMANCE: Center for New Music, January 22, 2020

Curated by Farnood HaghaniPour, Hyphen showcases new works written for The Living Earth Show by composers representing different generations of the Iranian electroacoustic music. The concert serves as a celebration of  the 80th birthday of Alireza Mashayekhi, the legendary Iranian composer often credited as being one of the first composers of contemporary classical music in Iran. His influence resonates throughout the generations of diaspora of Iranian composers, which is represented in Hyphen by Aida Shirazi, Farnood HaghaniPour, and Nima Rowshan, and the world premiere of Mashayekhi’s new work Labyrinth II written for The Living Earth Show.


Alireza Mashayekhi

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Alireza Mashayekhi is regarded as a pioneer Iranian avant-garde composer whose ideas and works, which have been performed in Iran and abroad for more than 35 years, have greatly influenced the contemporary music in Iran. He was born in 1940 in Tehran and began learning Persian music under Lotfollah Mofakham-Payan, studied composition with Hossein Nasehi and the piano under Ophelia Kombajian. He continued his studies in composition in Vienna under Hanns Jelinek and Karl Schiske. His acquaintance with Hanns Jelinek encouraged him to explore a wide spectrum of 20th century music. Such explorations accompanied by his deep interest in Iranian culture were the cornerstones of his artistic and stylistic development. Having completed his studies at the Akademie für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Vienna, he went to Utrecht, the Netherlands, to pursue his further study in electronic and computer music, which also included attending lectures by Gottfried Michael König. He has been teaching composition at the Music Department of the University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts, since 1970.

Aida Shirazi

Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, Aida Shirazi is based in Davis, California.  Shirazi’s music is described as “well-made” and “affecting” by The New Yorker. She holds her B.A. in classical piano from Tehran University of Art (Iran), and her B.M. in music composition and theory from Bilkent University (Turkey). She studied santoor (traditional Iranian dulcimer) with Parissa Khosravi Samani. Shirazi is the winner of Diaphonia and XelmYa+, ACIMC and Bilgi New Music Festival calls for scores.  Her music has been featured in MATA, Klasik Keyifler, Sesin Yolculugu, Young Composers, Young Performers festivals in the United States and Europe, and performed by Andrew McIntosh, Lucy Fitz Gibbon, Ryan McCullough, Alexa Renger, Ellen Jewett, Empyrean Ensemble, FOM (The Friends of MATA) and Bilkent Symphony Orchestra. She has attended workshops with Interface Ensemble (2013) and Yurodny Ensemble (2016). Her music for solo instruments, voice, ensemble, orchestra and electronics is often influenced by literature, language, and Iranian classical music.

Farnood HaghaniPour

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Farnood HaghaniPour is an Iranian born composer currently residing in San Francisco, CA. He started playing music at a young age by playing the guitar, but started focusing on classical music in 2009, using self teaching methods and materials and studying a few courses in Harmony and Counterpoint with Ali Ahmadifar. He has been performed in various festivals and events including Bang On A Can Summer Festival and Marathon, Tehran’s Contemporary Music Festival, etc. He has been a part of a few New Music concert tours in Iran with the inclusion of performance and analysis sessions in the University of Tehran as a part of Koolkapis Collective’s (Farnood HaghaniPour and Nima A Rowshan) ongoing effort to introduce and perform New Music in Iran. Notable musicians he has worked with includes Brad Lubman, Paul Kerekes, Nima A Rowshan, Mottahar Hosseini, Sarah Goldfeather, Jiyeon Kim, etc.

Nima Rowshan

Nima Rowshan began studying music at childhood by playing the piano. He entered the Art university of Tehran in 2005, where he studied with Hamed Mohajer. At the same time he started to experiment with composition while studying the great composers. Nima later attended master classes of Alireza Mashayekhi. He co-founded Ensemble-M in 2006 to perform & introduce contemporary classical music in Iran. In 2009 he decided to pursue further studies with Michel Merlet at the ècole normale de musique de Paris.

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