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24 Preludes + Fugues

24 Preludes + Fugues is comprised of 48 short pieces for invented instruments in 24 different tuning systems created by composer, sculptor, and instrument builder Dennis Aman. Virtuosic and surreal, the works are designed to explore unfamiliar tuning systems while giving objects not traditionally associated with chamber music (washing machines, go karts, amplified Jello, and much more) their rightful place as classical instruments on the concert stage. At its core, however, 24 Preludes + Fugues exists as a musical celebration of joy, creativity, family, community, and exploration.


Dennis Aman

Dennis Aman

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Dennis Aman is a composer, vocalist, instrument builder, sculptor, designer, and engineer. His instruments (including a theremin built into a scale model of the sputnik, a microtonal washing machine, and amplified Jell-O) investigate the space between “object” and “instrument,” creating sites of whimsy and purposefully inclusive sonic discovery.

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