Charleston City Paper

The Living Earth Show

A Semi-Festive Letter

Hey y’all,

Thanks so much for coming to the first few shows of our San Francisco season! We had an absolute blast (though my back still hurts a bit from the flog-fest that was Amadeus Regucera’s percussion solo I premiered last week).

The shows these past few weeks have felt really powerful: it has been an honor to share such intentionally challenging work, written for us by some of the most provocative artists making music today, with such curious, receptive, and enthusiastic listeners. Thanks for your support, your enthusiasm, and for, as always, being down for whatever.

Thank You!

Hello Everyone,

First off we want to thank everyone who was able to join us on November 15th as we kicked off our 2018-2019 season! It was such a pleasure for us to work with artists who are making some of today’s most urgent music, and we were honored to share that music with so many of you. We spend this time of the year thinking about all of the things for which we are thankful. This year we are very thankful for our collaborators, who are making work that we feel is vital, necessary, and beautiful, and to all of you supporting us as we launch into our ninth season.