The Living Earth Show

Music for Hard Times

On Thursday, June 25, we release a new album of original music from composer Danny Clay, Music for Hard Times, a work that seeks to explore the question: “Is it possible to use the tools of classical art music to make people feel better?”

Music for Hard Times is a multimedia work consisting of: the digital album (which will be released on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.); a companion film created by San Francisco filmmaker and mixed media artist Jon Fischer and released on YouTube; and a zine featuring a series of calming musical exercises the artists used to create the piece, shared with simple instructions – musical training is not needed, and everyone is encouraged to employ the exercises for their individual use.

The album release is celebrated by a two-part presentation by Living Music with Nadia Sirota, including a preview of a movement on the Tuesday, June 23 Facebook livestream of Living Music: Pirate Radio Edition, and the full premiere of the work on Thursday, June 25, including the film by Jon Fischer. (Watch on the Living Music Facebook page at 6pm PT, June 25.)

Music for Hard Times will also be presented by San Francisco Performances (SFP) on July 2, when the album audio will be shared with SFP audiences as part of the Front Row online free concert series, alongside an exclusive conversation with Andy, Travis, and Danny Clay, moderated by the composer-pianist Timo Andres.