The Living Earth Show

COVID-19 T.L.E.S. Update

Hi all,

Like many other artists, our season is being suspended due to COVID-19. For all things TLES please like and subscribe to our Youtube channel. As the dust settles, we’re looking to do everything in our power to use the tools at our disposal to answer some of the most important questions facing our field: What does artmaking look like now and for the foreseeable future? What role does music play in the strange, strange moment we’re in? And, most importantly, how can we realize the visions and amplify the voices of the folks who have the most urgent things to say? In the next few weeks, we’ll be creating and releasing a ton of new work as we attempt to answer those questions, and we’re so excited to hear from you along the way. Please please be in touch, and let us know how you are. And if there’s ways we can make you feel more comfortable in this particularly uncomfortable time, we’d love to hear that, too.

Andy & Travis