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About Next Week

Hey everyone,

We just wanted to send a quick note to tell you about our concert next Thursday at ODC Theater in SF. This one means a lot to us, and we really hope to see you there.

The show is designed to highlight the very best of what we think music can do.

Raven Chacon, Dennis Aman, and Luciano Chessa use music as a site for innovation. Using toothbrushes, amplified Jell-O, broken glass, and a very loud cast iron sink, their works make us listen to sounds—in music and in the world at large—in a completely different, open, and curious way.

Christopher Cerrone and Danny Clay wrote pieces that are, by most any definition, beautiful. Both composers use melody, harmony, and resonance to create direct and powerful emotional connections.

Sahba Aminikia, Nicole Lizée, and Timo Andres directly confront the tradition of western classical chamber music. They each utilize the work of other artists from both outside and within the classical tradition to create pieces that investigate the lineage and responsibility of classical music today.

COMMANDO (led by San Francisco superhero Lynnee Breedlove) and A.M. Smiley use music as a canvas and foundation for voices and stories that urgently need to be heard.

We’d love to see you at the show. Buy tickets right here (they’re cheaper if you buy them online!) and check out more info at our brand new website here.

We think these composers are some of the most important artistic voices locally, nationally, and globally, and we’re honored to bring their pieces to life here in San Francisco.

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you next week.

– Andy and Travis, The Living Earth Show