The Living Earth Show

A Semi-Festive Letter

Hey y’all,

Thanks so much for coming to the first few shows of our San Francisco season! We had an absolute blast (though my back still hurts a bit from the flog-fest that was Amadeus Regucera’s percussion solo I premiered last week).

The shows these past few weeks have felt really powerful: it has been an honor to share such intentionally challenging work, written for us by some of the most provocative artists making music today, with such curious, receptive, and enthusiastic listeners. Thanks for your support, your enthusiasm, and for, as always, being down for whatever.

Thanks as well to all of the folks who have supported our end-of-year fundraising drive thus far. I know an end-of-year email fundraising drive is not quite as titillating as, say, a party where we bring a bunch of amplified Jell-O and giant musical carnival games for everybody to play with (see you at Living Earth Day 2019, though!) Unglamorous as it may be, donations allow us to create work that challenges the status quo and confronts popular culture, rather than conforms to it.

Perhaps the largest initiative supported through this fundraising drive is our upcoming recorded work. We are currently building three albums to release in 2019, and your support would allow The Living Earth Show to bring these productions to exponentially more listeners. Over the past few months, we’ve been developing an album with Kronos Quartet, the poets of Youth Speaks, and Danny Clay called “Echoes”. Echoes, a spoken word chamber opera, represents our collective answer to the question: whose voices deserve the megaphone and platform the medium of opera can provide? The libretto, created and delivered by a collection of remarkable poets from the Bay, uses the story of one specific building – War Memorial on Van Ness – as a vehicle for framing a variety of stories about San Francisco and the impact of its growth over the past decade. We premiered the work last year at Herbst, and the album will go above and beyond the scope of the live version. It has been tremendous fun to build, and we’re so excited to put it into the world in 2019. We’ll also be releasing M. Lamar’s Lordship & Bondage: The Birth of the Negro Superman and the debut album from COMMANDO, two projects that we have premiered in the Bay and are honored to release on a global scale. Donations would have a direct impact on these projects: funding artist fees, commissioning, and the studio time required to create recorded work.

Thanks again for your support, and we’re honored to present challenging and necessary work in 2019 and beyond.