The Living Earth Show

Extra Time

So excited to release Extra Time, an album of percussion solos Sarah Hennies wrote for me. She’s one of my favorite composers in the world, and working with her was such an honor. These pieces pushed me in all sorts of ways, and they very much changed how I approach the vibraphone and discipline of percussion as a whole.

Working with a variety of musical, sociopolitical, and psychological issues, the American composer/percussionist Sarah Hennies often explores queer & trans identity, love, intimacy, psychoacoustics, and percussion. For this volume, she invited the San Fransisco-based percussionist and co-founder of queer nü-metal collective COMMANDO, Andy Meyerson to collaborate and to actualize some of the scores. All pieces in Extra Time are intricate reworked versions of various elements of well-known songs by Prince, in an acoustic percussion-work situation.