“A vanguard effort of new chamber music” –The San Francisco Examiner (2012)

“The tongue-in-cheek juxtaposition of the title High Art with the charmingly sophomoric album cover photo belies the deeply committed, totally focused playing of guitarist Travis Andrews and percussionist Andy Meyerson. In live performances, the musical communication between Meyerson and Andrews is at times astonishing and has the feeling of being completely natural.” –New Music Box

“[The Living Earth Show] exhibited enough vision and energy to make them a much-sought-after presence on the indie-classical scene” –The San Francisco Classical Voice

“A fantastically distorted perpetual motion of awesome” –I Care If You Listen

“I especially loved the Living Earth Show” –Lies Like Truth

“They cover vast sonic territory, and they take the stage with neither safety net to catch ‘em nor sheet music to consult… yet they manage to play (unison and counterpoint) with seemingly-telepathic ease.” –Imperfect Fifths

“The most unique ensemble to come out of the San Francisco Conservatory” –The San Francisco Examiner (2013)

“Each composition is the result of the pair working in parallel and counter-balance: guitar swirls upward to blanket the negative space left by the decay of chiming cymbal, while those triumphant pops of major key and bass drum radiate with the reactive glow of mutual thought.” –ATTN:Magazine

“If you have that kind of long wavy hair which dries nicely to a session of headbanging then this will serve nicely” –MusicWeb International